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"Babies don't keep..."

That's right... babies don't stay small forever. Their first moments into the world are so precious and should be photographed. Some Mommas are turned away from birth photography for several different reasons but the one we hear often is the idea of being so "exposed". I completely get it and totally understand your fear! This is why we use every measure possible to keep you comfortable during your entire birthing experience. Though hospitals don't allow photography during certain parts of labor, we choose not to photograph any pictures you aren't comfortable with. We focus more of Mom and Dad's reactions and emotions and the essence of your new bundle of joy. I encourage you to contact AFP! We can schedule a birthing consultation so all your questions are answered and you can have peace of mind! Let us help you capture memories you'll certainly want to remember because....babies don't keep. 


The Beauty of Birth Photography 

It's the  moment your baby is born. That's the beauty in the whole experience. It makes every part of pregnancy' so worth it! The first birth we ever photographed was the most amazing experience we had ever witnessed and each birth after that was just as sweet. We have been known to cry behind the camera as we watch a first time Dad show his unfiltered emotions. It's the greatest experience for us and I know it is for the parents as well. The moment the long forty week journey comes to an end, a brand new chapter begins and that's where the beauty is. Just seeing that sweet face for the first time ever should be photographed!


Fresh 48 Sessions

The first forty-eight hours are so sweet as you learn about your new baby. Does baby have dimples? Hair? A birth mark?  Those are the hours to relax and spend quality time with your baby, your partner, and other children, if any. During those first "fresh" moments into the world is when we join you in the recovery room to photograph family portraits, baby's fingers and toes and maybe (hopefully) even a few smiles! We understand you are resting so this is typically a quick session but so much sweet to photograph. We enjoy meeting your baby just like the rest of the family! If birth photography isn't for you, this is a great alternative! 


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Fresh 48 Session

-Guaranteed "on-call" availability

-One Hour session at your place of birth

-Unlimited photography during the coverage time

-Parents will receive all poses edited

-High-Resolution digital downloads 

-Online Gallery 

$250 plus tax


Birth Photography

-Includes one consultation to get to know the photographer & discuss your preferences

-Photographer being on call from 38 weeks to birth

2 hours of coverage during postpartum

-100 images on a password protected online gallery for viewing and high resolution digital downloads

-Custom flash drives available 

16x20 canvas 

$950 plus tax 



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